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We are not the subject matter experts, that’s you, and we would like to introduce our Partners Program

The STAR Index Partner Program enables our partners to grow their business by providing an exceptional ESG risk analytics platform to their clients.

To find out more about how working with us could benefit your organisation, please click the link below to book a 15 minute conversation with one of the team.

Collaborative Platform

We provide a collaborative platform, which is free for you to use, to manage client projects, harness data and do the heavy lifting of gaining information from complex supply chains

Supply Chain Mapping

Free to use supply chain mapping capability, facilitating your clients getting greater understanding and data from their supply chains and being able to gain the granular detail (such as scope 3 detail) to meet increasing regulatory, customer and consumer demands

Continuous Improvement

Through our history in risk management, coupled with unrivalled technology, we are able to help you simplify the scoring and ongoing improvement of your clients sustainability, risk management and ESG credentials

What can we offer you?

  • Share in lead generation, content and shared marketing, workshops, webinars and events and much more
  • We do the data capture and supplier engagement, leaving you to support your clients with the stuff that matters
  • A forum for knowledge transfer and sharing of subject matter expertise & insight
  • Value share and lead generation to help grow your business and recurring revenue
  • Disruptive cost model – sustainability improvement has historically been very costly, our model turns this on its head 
  • Free training module – make the most of your client relationships and social media presence

What can we deliver together?

  • Market leading consulting – STAR Index partners know what our clients need to achieve, and are prepared to get involved to deliver that change
  • Single provider – STAR Index is a single provider of ESG consultant services and market leading software, providing a strong value proposition for customers that are using the STAR Index platform
  • STAR Index compliments existing systems – we’re firm believers of utilising current platforms and we hit the ground running by extracting data from pre-existing systems
  • Our established track record – leveraging QADEX’s 12 year expertise in managing complex supply chain data for over 16,000 food factories
  • Market leading software – with multiple deployment options that are fully configurable to each client’s requirement

Contact our Partnerships Team

Rick Sanderson

Head of Partnerships

Jamie Jarczewski

Senior ESG Lead