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…to enhance your business offering by supporting competitive advantage through ESG risk reduction

If you are a subject matter expert, we would like to introduce you to our Partner Program

The STAR Index Partner Program enables our partners to grow their business by combining access to our cloud hosted ESG risk analytics platform, with connections to our global partner network and additional business development support.

You benefit and your clients benefit, collaborating today for a brighter tomorrow.

To find out more about how working with us could benefit your business, please click the link below to book a 15 minute conversation with one of the team.

Collaborative Platform

We provide a collaborative platform, which is free for you to use, to manage your client projects, harness data and support data gathering  from complex supply chains.

Supply Chain Mapping

Free to use supply chain mapping capability, to facilitate your clients developing a greater understanding of their supply chains, enabling access to data (such as scope 3 emissions) to meet increasing regulatory, customer and consumer demands.

Continuous Improvement

Our experience in ESG risk management and supply chain mapping, coupled with unrivalled technology, means we are able to help you simplify data gathering and planning to enable continuous improvement of your clients ESG credentials.

How we deliver value

Recurring Revenue – Turn consulting engagements into long term recurring revenue streams

Extend your service offering Extend current consulting offer to include supporting customers deliver change

DifferentiationStand out from your competition by being able to provide a complete package to customers

Happier customersHelp customers deliver measurable, reportable improvements

Make a differenceEnable delivery of change at customers for the better of the planet and people

Background income Partner payments from STAR Index not linked to day rates and available time

What can we offer you?

  • Share in lead generation, access a comprehensive content library, share marketing collateral, develop joint workshops, webinars, events and much more
  • Develop and support your online presence  with a detailed profile on our website and social content sharing
  • We undertake data capture and supplier engagement, leaving you to support your clients with the stuff that matters
  • Access a forum for knowledge transfer and sharing of subject matter expertise and insight
  • Value share and lead generation to help grow your business and develop recurring revenue
  • Disruptive cost model – sustainability improvement has historically been very costly, our model turns this on its head
  • Move forward with confidence with the extensive support of the 60+ experienced team

How we help our partners to succeed

Market leading consultancy services – STAR Index partners understand what our clients need to achieve, and we collaborate to deliver that change

Single provider – our partners provide ESG consultancy services and we provide the market leading platform, delivering a strong value proposition for customers services and a market leading platform, delivering a strong value proposition for customers

STAR Index complements existing systems – we’re firm believers in utilising currently available data, this includes integrating with existing platforms and systems

Our established track record – leveraging QADEX’s 12 year expertise in managing complex supply chain data for over 16,000 food businesses, with over a quarter of a million assessments completed annually

A market leading technology platform – with multiple deployment options that are fully configurable to each client’s requirement

Quick to deploy and deliver real, tangible results 

Become a Partner

Enable your customers to deliver measurable, reportable improvements in supply chain ESG performance.