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A Cloud Based System to Manage Sustainability and ESG Risks

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Cloud based systems to manage Sustainability and ESG Risks are vital as the world is moving forward to tackle these issues. 

Businesses are now measured on their ability to gather information about themselves and their supply chains. They are also required to mitigate and monitor any risks to ensure they play their part in this advance. Markets and investors observe their progress.

The complexity and volume of data required to achieve compliance makes a good and integrated IT system vital to the process.

In addition to these challenges, businesses also need to embrace emerging technologies. Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution centred around an interconnected world – and Blockchain for secure data transfer are such examples.

All businesses are at different stages of their digital transformation journey. This can be a complex, expensive and high-risk process, which may take several years to successfully complete.

STAR Index™  has over 12 years’ experience helping businesses digitally transform their supply chain risk management processes. Firstly, we provide a cloud-based platform that complements your existing IT investment and uses data already available. Secondly, we will work with you to interface with and leverage your existing IT infrastructure.

Finally STAR Index™ and the Qadex Group has a great reputation for customer support and service.  

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