Strategic Consulting Partner

The STAR Index Strategic Consulting Partner Program is an investment we make to our partners; to help them grow their businesses and provide an exceptional ESG risk analytics strategy to their clients, whilst opening up a new revenue stream for their business. 

As a Strategic Consulting Partner you will generate leads and engage with stakeholders to provide needs analysis. We will provide the tools to enable you to prepare and deliver proposals and you will work alongside our implementation and delivery teams to deliver successful solutions to your clients. You will be responsible for ongoing maintenance and management of your clients usage of the solution throughout its lifecycle.

Strategic Partner Benefits

  • Join us for events – STAR Index will host events where you will have the opportunity to present, maybe even speak to the camera, on videos to promote your services
  • Website presence – create a prominent profile on the website with links to your own site. We will even help promote your services and increase SEO traffic to your chosen site
  • Partner branding – take advantage of powerful branding. You can utilise STAR Index branding on your materials and website
  • Knowledge base – monopolise our knowledge base through a secure platform where partners can share knowledge and best practices
  • Marketing materials – receive marketing materials and collateral that will be provided through the knowledge base that you can personalise with your branding
  • Social amplification – STAR Index will actively promote your content on social media platforms allowing you to magnify your online reach
  • Leads – STAR Index will be sure to actively pass on sector specific leads to the most aligned partners in those fields
  • Extensive support – take advantage of extensive support. All of the STAR Index partners will receive the full support of the experienced QADEX team, compromised of over 60+ eager to help colleagues

What can STAR Index and our partners deliver to our combined customers?

  • Market leading consulting – STAR Index partners know what our clients need to achieve, and are prepared to get involved to deliver that change
  • Single provider – STAR Index is a single provider of ESG consultant services and market leading software, a strong value proposition for customers customers that are using the STAR Index platform
  • STAR Index compliments existing systems – we’re firm believers of utilising current platforms and we hit the ground running by extracting data from pre-existing systems
  • Our established track record – leveraging QADEX’s 12 year expertise in managing complex supply chain data for over 16,000 food factories
  • Market leading software – with multiple deployment options that are fully configurable to each client’s requirements

All of this is quick to deploy and will deliver tangible results. 

Apply to become a Strategic Consulting Partner

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