A fascinating series of videos discussing ESG and CSR risks within your supply chains

Our video series is an in depth view of all things sustainability and ESG – and the realities brands face in their journey to become better for the planet and its people. In recent years we’ve noticed that more and more businesses are looking into sustainability supply chain risks such as ethical trade or environmental practices. We set ourselves the task of understanding supply chain risk through different dimensions and how the different risks are interrelated. 

Stephen and Rick shared their perspectives of the challenges around supply chains and any industry can get trapped with the mentality that a statement and code of practice is enough. Rick’s industry knowledge combined with Stephen’s technology enables an intelligent ESG risk platform. 

Rick and Stephen discuss the need for transparency, why sustainability needs to begin with the general consumer, the future of STAR Index and why brands need a cockpit view of all their ESG risks. They also go into detail about the recently-launched STAR Index partner programme, why it was created and the benefits it will deliver to not only partners but also the end client and the planet and its people. 

Sustainability is a universal challenge, and Rick and Stephen discuss the learning lessons behind why STAR Index is transparent about what resources brands will need to deliver successful outcomes. They deliberate greenwashing, the lethal impact this could have on brand reputation and the reality of hiding ESG risks and the knock-on effect this will have with brand consumers. 

Data collecting, measuring and analysis is not easy! Brands need to work with their suppliers to understand the true provenance of their raw materials, and need to invest now to ensure they protect their future profits. 

Rick and Stephen dive down into the nitty-gritty, using API’s to blend data to create insights that drive action and why there is no silver bullet platform when it comes to ESG risks. 

Lastly they argue the point of doing nothing is no longer an option. Sustainability drives many consumer behaviours, and is the new baseline for profit. 

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Are uncool dads actually sustainability superheroes?

Stephen and Rick debate the question ‘are uncool dads actually sustainability superheroes?’

They talk about a ‘throwaway’ society, fast fashion and the benefits of reducing, reusing and recycling.

Is the era of ‘spot buying’ & ‘transactional suppliers’ over?

Stephen and Rick delve into spot buying and the effects this has on carbon reduction, the positive change that Prince’s Food implemented in their supply chain and the pressures that are on buyers.

They also discuss the benefits of transparent supply chains, and Stephen talks about McDonalds open book costing model and why this ensures a fair return for their suppliers.

They explore why the partnership and bond between supplier and brand are key to a more sustainable future together.

Can zero hour contracts and the gig economy ever be sustainable or justified?

Stephen and Rick discuss the impact of zero hour contracts on workers and the role that the Amazon corporation plays in this.

They also talk about the Uber business model and the competition this has introduced into the marketplace. They delve into how large corporations are abusing zero hour contracts and Stephen’s personal experience with this type of agreement.

Without Visibility can you ever get Accountability?

Stephen and Rick explore why transparent supply chains are vital to business resilience, the importance of sustainable partnerships and the reality of optimising investments in ESG platforms.

They also discuss the role of compliance, and does this really uncover and address all issues in a supply chain or is it just a tick box exercise?

Business as Usual has got us into this mess, but will it get us out of it?

Stephen and Rick debate the supply chain issues being faced today and the impact they are having on our planet.

One key area discussed are the vast amount of scope 3 emissions in supply chains, and they question why have Google, one of the wealthiest, most profitable businesses on our planet not put any strong, ambitious, measurable targets in place to remove/reduce these.

Other topics covered are sustainable investment and the growing focus on ESG along with how can legislations be taken seriously when they are not being enforced correctly.

Does Responsible Sourcing pay for itself or is this an increased cost?

Stephen and Rick debate whether responsible sourcing pays for itself, or is it an increased cost?

They discuss the benefits of spending locally and why we should aim to purchase from responsible sourcing suppliers.

Other issues covered include the role of the consumer within ethical sourcing, and why we as consumers need to change our priorities.

Are codes of practice a cop out post COP26?

The short answer – yes!  Stephen talks about his experience of being on the receiving end of codes of practice and how all industries have been grappling with modern slavery in their supply chains for decades.

Stephen and Rick discuss how business’ codes of practices have not moved the dial in ethical issues, in fact it’s got worse. They ponder the surveillance (or lack of) behind codes of practice, and the lack of impact of auditing.

Without Visibility there is no Accountability

How far has the UK come to eliminating Modern Slavery? Stephen and Rick discuss this, the climate crisis and why you need to work with your suppliers to understand the true provenance of your raw materials.

A New Approach to New Challenges

Stephen and Rick discuss what led to the lightbulb moment of STAR Index’s creation, by identifying a clear gap in the market for supply chain risks.

Platforms, People & Politics

As industries are facing the climate crisis and the challenges it poses, we need to be honest about what we’ve learnt over the past 20 years. Or what we’ve not learnt!

Big businesses are gearing up and attacking ESG risks. The time to act is now.

A Universal Challenge Across Industry

Sustainability is a universal challenge. Stephen and Rick talk about what the acronym STAR means, how it applies to different industries and how connected interdependent supply chains can be. They also talk about the learning lessons behind why STAR Index is transparent about what resources a business will need to deliver successful outcomes.

The Future: More Responsible & Sustainable Supply Chains

Profit is not a dirty word! Rick and Stephen tackle sustainable growth, the need for investment now, why each business should have sustainability as a business value and they discuss Google’s scope 3 emissions – and the reality of tackling these.

Personal Responsibility vs Corporate Responsibility

Rick and Stephen discuss how sustainability needs to start at ground level, with all of us making conscious decisions to be more sustainable in our everyday lives. There’s a tale of suit shopping and how the pandemic has made us stop and reflect.

Partners to Support your Journey

It’s been an interesting couple of years but the STAR Index tech platform is where it needs to be. We’ve launched an exciting partnerships programme, as we are not the ESG experts!

Rick and Stephen discuss why the partner programme was launched, and the benefits this will deliver not only to the partner but also the end client.

A Cockpit View of Risk

Rick and Stephen discuss greenwashing and how this is lethal to a brand and reputational risk. There is an analogy about how the sustainability journey can be akin to climbing a mountain, and why honesty and transparency is crucial to the process.

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