Referral Partner Program

STAR Index empowers companies with ‘actionable insight’ on ESG – actively helping identify the wider risks across supply chains and in Sustainable, Technical, natural Assets, and Responsible sourcing. 

We cannot do this alone, that is why we are building a trusted network of Partners who together can help companies deliver demonstrable improvements to CSR, Sustainability and Ethical aspects of their business  by enabling them to map, manage and mitigate these risks

Benefits of Partnership

  • Access to a partner lead registration platform
  • Monitor your leads via the lead tracking platform
  • A customised partner education platform
  • Provide customer contracts and service level agreements
  • Sign and maintain customer contracts
  • Raise invoices and manage credit control
  • Prompt payment on all converted leads

What can STAR Index and our partners deliver to our combined customers?

  • Market leading consulting – STAR Index partners know what our clients need to achieve, and are prepared to get involved to deliver that change
  • Single provider – STAR Index is a single provider of ESG consultant services and market leading software, providing a strong value proposition for customers customers that are using the STAR Index platform
  • STAR Index compliments existing systems – we’re firm believers of utilising current platforms and we hit the ground running by extracting data from pre-existing systems
  • Our established track record – leveraging QADEX’s 12 year expertise in managing complex supply chain data for over 16,000 food factories
  • Market leading software – with multiple deployment options that are fully configurable to each client’s requirement

All of this is quick to deploy and will deliver tangible results

The Referral Partner Program – Step by Step to Better Business

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