A fascinating series of Podcasts discussing ESG and CSR risks within your supply chains

A thought-provoking series of podcasts brought to you by the team behind the leading ESG platform STAR Index. Join us, as we discuss some of the hot topics of the day and speak with industry leading supply chain professionals.

We will lift the lid on the various ESG challenges businesses face as they move towards a more purpose driven future, and how they can get the balance right between people, planet and profits. Our guests will share with us insights, experience, hints and tips, and hopefully be good company for your ears along the way.

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Without Visibility there is no Accountability

In this episode, Stephen Whyte and Rick Sanderson discuss how the ‘concept’ of STAR Index was born, the path they have both been on to get to a position of knowledge in the ESG space and the issues facing the modern business discussing topics such as modern slavery and the impact of palm oil on climate change and the need for transparency in supply chains.

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