STAR Solution

Without Visibility there is no Accountability

The STAR Index platform will benchmark your supply chains to deliver a cockpit view of ESG risk across the 4 pillars of Sustainable, Technical, Assets and Responsible sourcing.

STAR Index

Complete Risk Management

STAR Index empowers your business to identify Sustainable, Technical, Asset and Responsible-sourcing risks across supply chains. With fully customisable SAQ’s, in-depth reporting and supplier commitments, our STAR Index platform for sustainable ESG Risk management will meet your needs.

The results of STAR Index will promote your CSR programme, enhance your ESG profile, and protect your business.

The STAR Index method is delivered without replacing current systems and processes, therefore capitalising on, and strengthening existing information, ensuring actionable insights are delivered quickly. Finally, STAR Index generates regular progress scorecards to keep your business and supply chain on track.

Capture, Measure, Report and Improve with STAR Index.

  • We bring you a powerful combination of market leading technology and sector expertise to help you manage risk and compliance in your supply chains.
  • Driven by our tried and tested SAQ, powerful dashboards and analytics are at your fingertips that allow you to monitor performance, measure KPIs and data, and mitigate risk across your business and supply partners.

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Enable your customers to deliver measurable, reportable improvements in supply chain ESG performance.