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Our STAR Index Strategic Partner Programme helps you to find an ESG and sustainability expert. Furthermore they can support your business in achieving your STAR Goals.


Benefit from the help of a STAR Index Partner?

Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson FRSA is a Living Future Institute accredited Architectural Technologist and Construction Project Manager.  Furthermore Anna has over 15 years of corporate design and strategic sustainability practice. She guides organisations on their transformative Regenerative ESG journey from preparation to readiness to implementation.


Carbon Capture

GCX works alongside your business to help you achieve reliable sustainability reporting and enhanced performance management. This enables you to set and meet your sustainability goals.

QBL Consulting 

Human Rights

At QBL Consulting they demystify the responsible sourcing process for their clients, making it understandable, accessible and also achievable.


Ubloquity specialises in creating the foundational platform required to underpin a digital trust network. Their blockchain technology captures multiple sources of data, processes and verifies that data, therefore enabling the trust ecosystem to function. All this while delivering value to each participant in the network.

However they started out in life as a food provenance platform, enabling their customers to trace their products back to the most relevant start point in the supply chain.

Sarah Holloway
ESG Strategy and Communication

Sarah is a consultant, non-executive director and also a B Leader specialising in sustainability strategy and purpose-driven leadership. Over the past two decades, Sarah has supported some of the world’s best-known businesses – including C&A, Danone, Ella’s Kitchen, Interface, L’Oréal and also Unilever – to drive transformative change.

Profit Impact
SME Support

Sarah leads on sustainability matters for ACCA in The Practice Room – global peer to peer community discussions dedicated to supporting small and medium sized practices. Sarah has spent over a decade in operational finance, qualified in sustainable finance at Cambridge Institute and moreover is now a proud B Leader; designed by B Lab UK, to further empower people who want to lead organisations through the B Corp certification.

Sustainability In Farming & Agriculture​

Intellync Sustain are a specialist supply chain management company, enabling brands to navigate through complex issues in their supply chains. Delivering positive impacts to their stakeholders by creating farm and supply chain programmes and tools. Programmes focus on key areas such as carbon, animal welfare, governance, water use, labour rights and productivity.

SC Insites
Sustainability in Food And Drink

SC Insites support all the way down the supply chain. They can also help you manage all aspects of due diligence for suppliers including: manufacturing; wholesale; storage and also distribution. SCI have some innovative, technology-led, and exciting solutions to demonstrate provenance and traceability to a level not previously available.

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