Discover STAR Index’s background. Furthermore discover its core values and also how we implement them to deliver a better business for the planet and its people. All done through STAR Index Knowledge hub.

This area provides background reading on the key areas relating to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and also Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and sustainability management


PPN 06/21: Public procurement accelerating reaching net zero

Watch our latest video and see the full PPN 06/21 timeline, starting from the government’s initial commitment to reach net zero by 2050, and find out how STAR Index can support your business or your client’s to implement the new legislation.

CSRD Legislation – what is it and how could it impact you?

CSRD is the new EU legislation that became national law in November 2022, which requires companies to publish regular reports on their environmental and social impact activities.

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In Conversation: Linda Cudjoe (head of Food safety and Technical at harrods) & Rick Sanderson

In this episode Harrods’ Linda and Rick discuss how Harrods remains sustainable, how this can impact brand reputation and the pressure brands like Harrods can feel to remain socially responsible.

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Understanding the S of ESG – why people matter

Rick asks Lisa about her background as a consultant and what brought her into the ESG space?

They discuss the expectation on retailers, the true cost of human rights and the technology available to solve ESG issues.

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9 small changes to have a more sustainable Christmas


What lies beneath the iceberg? The need for transparency

We take an honest look at the drive towards greater transparency, the motivation behind this desire across many sectors of industry, and how business has approached the adoption of technologies as an enabler.

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Mindful consumerism needs purpose driven business – Are you Living the Values?

Rick Sanderson, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, STAR Index, appraises the trend towards more mindful consumer choices when buying goods and services, and how modern businesses have enhanced policies, procurement, and propositions to attract them.

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So, what did we learn from COP27?

We’ve researched and gathered our top takeaways from the event and cover topics such as loss & damage, fossil fuels and the effect of war on the climate.

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A clear view from the top of the mountain

Do you have concerns about growing risks within your supply chains, and require a toolkit to map your journey towards managing them?

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Introducing our construction specialist partner Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson speaks to Carl Nancollas about her background in sustainability and the work that the Limewood Group has been doing within regenerative sustainability.

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Introduction to STAR Index


What did we learn from COP26?


History of the STAR Index Platform


What gets Measured gets Managed

Hints & Tips

CSR and ESG Explained


Modern Slavery Statement


Sustainability Policy


British food and beverage companies meeting the Modern Slavery Act

Hidden in plain sight – an appraisal of the impact of Modern Slavery on the UK food and beverage sector.