Posted: 17 Nov 2022 by Poppy Gardner

STAR Index at Reset Connect

STAR Index at Reset Connect

STAR Index are excited to be attending Reset Connect on the 28th & 29th June at ExCel in London as part of London Climate Action week (LCAW). LCAW brings together leading climate professionals from across the globe to find practical solutions to climate change.

Reset Connect is the UK’s largest sustainability ecosystem and green investment event and is the flagship event for LCAW 2022.

Bridging the gap between sustainability change-makers, business leaders, government, and funders, the disruptive new event provides insight into the very lasted net-zero business solutions and financing opportunities to help implement them.

Reset Connect will bring together a whole host of individuals and organisations for two days of networking, to promote, share and discuss sustainable, low-carbon solutions and opportunities, and explore how these might be funded through institutional & impact investors, private equity & venture capital, and the financial adviser community.

Rick Sanderson – Founder and Head of ESG Partnerships at STAR Index will be taking part in a panel discussion on the Pioneer Stage at 14:30 on the 29th – more information about the discussion and panel participants can be found here:

PANEL DISCUSSION: Strategic Resource Management to Safeguard UK Agriculture and Sustainable Food Production

As the driving force behind STAR Index Rick brings over 25 years of supply chain industry expertise to the discussion including being the former head of Agri and Food for Mitchell’s and Butlers alongside also being the BIAC Young Agri-Consultant of the Year for a Regenerative Agri project working with RSPB. His belief is that in increasingly fragmented global supply chains gathering data to provide actionable insight that enables you to manage and mitigate risk is not only good for business, but also for sustainability, the environment and humanity.

Global trends

Global trends show that businesses are continuing to make bold commitments to address ESG targets, and the UK AgriFood sector is leading the way. In order to effectively do this every business needs actionable data to drive progress. The comprehensive cloud hosted platform brought to market by STAR Index provides end users with all the actionable insight they need to manage wider risk in their supply chain.

Come and listen to Rick speak and pop by the stand to find out more about the opportunities to join our comprehensive Partner Programme and start using STAR Index to support your customers ESG and sustainability journey.

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