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    The STAR Index News page is regularly updated with news pieces relating to Sustainability, Technical issues, Assets and agriculture and areas of social and environmental Responsibility. These are the Four Pillars of STAR Index.

    Our Four Pillars play a large part in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Risk Assessment. Discussions affecting CSR and ESG risk assessment can be found here too. 

    We hope that you will find our news has a balanced but interesting take on current STAR affairs. Please feel free to engage with us through the comments or via the contact page.

    STAR Indexand Intellync announce strategic partnership creating a unique wrap  around software solution addressing carbon emissions challenges combined with  unrivalled supply chain & ESG risk mapping for the agri-food sector



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    STAR Index aims to give interesting insight on a particular topic whilst maintaining a balanced view. We like our topics to provoke thought and prompt discussion. Comments are very welcome, as are views and inputs. For more information about our areas of work, please contact us.

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