Ranked 42nd in the Food and Agriculture Benchmark Report

Report indicates Molson Coors scored less than 39%

Molson Coors rank in the 2021 Food and Agriculture Benchmark by the World Benchmarking Alliance was 42. The report indicated that you scored less than 39%, with just 5.0 for Governance & Strategy and 4.5 for Nutrition!

This report will be published again within 2 years. Businesses not seen to be making progress are going to be exposed to reputation risk. Can you afford to take this chance?

Addressing these challenges is difficult, but they cannot be ignored. STAR Index will help you put a plan in place to measure, report and improve, no matter how complex your supply chains may be.  Enabling you to deliver change, not only for your business, but for the good of our population and planet.

STAR Index is a powerful software platform that will help you map, manage, and mitigate the wider horizons of risk across the ESG scale. 

We have highlighted the specific areas of the report below, including the scores you received. In addition we provide a brief explanation of how we might be able to support your continuous improvement journey. 

We truly believe that by working together we can make a difference. Hopefully this short introduction to STAR Index will encourage you to reach out and have a conversation.

Governance and Strategy

You Scored 5.0/10 and Ranked #88 out of the 350 companies reviewed in the Food and Agriculture 2021 Benchmark.

This measurement area focused on the integration of sustainable development objectives into your core strategy, business model and governance structure. It also covers commitment to sustainable development. This includes whether the main board is responsible for leading the progress on sustainability targets, as well as engaging stakeholders.

STAR Index helps you to identify key areas of governance that are important to deliver compliance and continuous improvement. Transparency of these efforts is crucial, both within your organisation, and those of your supply base.

Firstly we partner with your internal stakeholders across multiple disciplines, in order to ensure that the key data points and information are captured. Then we map, monitor and report on overall ESG outcomes. 

The STAR Index method is deployed by complementing, rather than replacing, current systems and processes. This ensures data is optimised. Actionable insights are delivered through intelligent dashboards, scorecards and reports, therefore allowing you to focus on what really matters, and exposing areas of risk.


You Scored 20.4/30 and Ranked #3 out of the 350 companies reviewed in the Food and Agriculture 2021 Benchmark.

This measurement area addresses the key issues of sustainable food production. Food production is a key contributor to climate change, forest erosion, biodiversity loss and freshwater reduction. Almost half of global production exceeds the planet’s environmental limits. The private sector is the largest player in food production, and is therefore well positioned to transform the food and agriculture system to be more sustainable.

STAR Index provides an efficient method for data collection. Begin with capturing an accurate picture of CO2 emissions, then deliver year on year improvements in Supply Chain sustainability. STAR Index provides KPI information to demonstrate activity and engagement with your supply chain. 

In addition, easy to use dashboards demonstrate progress in delivering science based targets relevant to your business and its supply chain.

Critically, we have a toolkit to map and manage your Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions and KPI’s. Our software uses existing data from your organisation and supply chains. We can help you establish targets and statements, and monitor progress in the coming years.


You Scored 4.5/30 and Ranked #130 out of the 350 companies reviewed in the Food and Agriculture 2021 Benchmark.

This measurement area addresses key actions that are needed to achieve healthy and sustainable diets. Globally, one person in ten is hungry or undernourished, while one in three adults are overweight or obese. Healthy diets are unaffordable to 3 billion people in the world, and diet-related health costs are projected to exceed USD 1.3 trillion per year by 2030. Food and agriculture companies each have a unique role to play in realizing this transformation.

Monitoring and reducing food waste, using more wholesome natural ingredients, understanding the wider impact on agriculture and land, are all critical to demonstrating good stewardship of the planet. In addition, supporting established working groups and certification schemes, as well as meeting government targets, are key. 

Your business is highly visible. It has a responsibility to demonstrate careful use of natural resources and products, in order to protect human health and support wellbeing. STAR Index can help you manage the key data requirements to underpin these claims and credentials, and ensuring visibility to the people that matter.

Social Inclusion

You Scored 8.9/30 and Rank #74 out of the 350 companies reviewed in the Food and Agriculture 2021 Benchmark.

This measurement area incorporates 18 core social indicators, that assess on efforts to respect human rights, provide decent work conditions, and act ethically. In addition, the Alliance uses six transformation-specific, social inclusion indicators, such as land rights,  farmer and fisher productivity, and resilience. You have a responsibility to promote social inclusion throughout your operations and supply chain.

At STAR Index we are passionate about sustainable and transparent supply chains. Our motivation is driven by enabling a fair and compassionate commercial environment for producers, people and animals. Social inclusion is a critical pillar in modern business and supply chains. From human rights and modern slavery, to child labour, gender equality, social mobility and farming land rights. 

Without visibility there is no accountability. STAR Index helps you understand your start point in these key areas. We deliver and guide continuous improvement on your journey. STAR Index has the tools to deliver clarity by mapping your supply chains and capturing KPI’s for your Modern Slavery Act statements. Conclusively, we deliver dashboards for your reports and more. 

Tailor your own STAR Index reports. With our easy to use, intuitive and supported software , you will not be alone in tackling these challenges. 

This report will be published again within 2 years. Make the headline “Molson Coors rank 10th in 2023 Food Agriculture Benchmark, following Significant Progress in the Last 2 Years!”


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