Sustainably Run Meetings - Making a Difference

How are STAR Index helping the planet

Making a difference with Sustainably Run meetings

5 reasons why STAR Index chose to support Sustainably Run. 

  1. It reduces your carbon footprint – An acre of mature trees absorb the same volume of carbon monoxide in a year as produced from a 26,000-mile car journey. To give you some perspective, a drive around Earth is just over 24,901 miles.

  2. It’s supporting the local ecosystem – we take so much from the earth, it feels right to give back. Do you know rainforests are responsible for roughly one-third (28%) of the Earth’s oxygen? 

  3. It’s supporting the local community – giving locals steady income to support their families and local businesses.

  4. Feeding the community – depending on the type of tree, it can be a source of food for the community, supporting growing families. Fruits are not found exclusively on trees, but also shrubs, small plants, or ground vegetations. The main objective of fruit trees is to attract various land animals, birds, insects, and humans to their fruits so that they can be consumed and their seeds replanted. That is why fruits taste delicious.

  5. Teaching the local community to be more sustainable – surround communities with sustainability ways, and they will be adopted. The more change that happens in every area of our world, the quicker we can make an impact. From remote villages to huge cities, sustainability needs to be adopted into every day life. 

Why would we not want to be part of this? Remember, each small change makes a difference. Choose to make a change today. 

See the work done by supporting Sustainably Run

Want to join Sustainably Run?

Why not join us in helping to make a difference, click the link below to create your very own Sustainably Run account and start making a difference to the planet and it’s people.

Sustainably Run offers a simple solution to help offset your carbon footprint by planting trees in developing countries. 

This is achieved by: 

  • The software integrates seamlessly with your email and meeting scheduling system.
  • Every time you schedule a meeting you choose whether it is a sustainable meeting.
  • Individuals will be notified and can actively see and engage with how they have contributed to environmental sustainability.
  • Each meeting is personal to the participants and you can see and control your business CSR performance and its communication.
  • Your business has control of how Sustainably Run Meetings is used and the ability to view it’s overall impact.