Reduce ESG Risk in your Investments

  • Reduce CO2 emissions across investees’ supply chains.
  • Visibility of supply chains and active horizon scanning is essential. Supply chains are complex and often ambiguous, creating a source of volatility and uncertainty. 
  • Manage Sustainability risks within your investees’ supply chains, because continued successful trade depends on a sustainable future.
  • Optimise supply chain Technical approval and risk management processes.
  • Risk assess the availability of natural Assets or resources, in order to determine if the investee businesses is able to trade successfully in the future.
  • Ensure that investees’ Responsible sourcing policies are robust and active to reduce the risk of brand damage.
  • Consider if the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) impact your investments?
  • Believe that, in today’s business environment, being a better business is better for business?

STAR Index™ can protect your investments.

Partner your investee companies with STAR Index to identify Sustainability, Technical, Asset and Responsible-sourcing risks across their supply chains. Following identification, strong mitigations are developed to reduce these risks. The results will promote your CSR programme, enhance your ESG profile, and protect your investments.

The STAR Index method is delivered without replacing current systems and processes, therefore capitalising on, and strengthening existing information, ensuring actionable insights are delivered quickly. Finally, STAR Index generates regular progress scorecards to keep your investees and investments on track.

Reduce ESG Risk in your Investments