Are you concerned that your business is being buffeted by many challenges across Sustainability, Technical, natural Asset and Responsible sourcing risks in your supply chains?

Is your supply chain a source of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA)?

Are there Sustainability risks within your supply chains that could impact your ability to continue to trade successfully?

Are your supply chain Technical approval and risk management processes optimised?

Does your supply chain utilise natural Assets/resources that are finite? And, would your business be able to trade successfully without easy and cost-effective availability of these assets?

Would a failure in your Responsible sourcing policies – such as a modern slavery scandal – damage the value of your brands?

Do the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) impact your business?

Do you believe that in today’s business environment, being a better business is better for business?

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STAR Index™ has a range of solutions to protect your business.

We can produce an executive summary of the risk profile for your business to provide you with clear insights of elevated risk and identify where you may be exposed to non-governmental organisation (NGO), investor and customer challenges.

Or, we can partner with your internal teams to identify Sustainability, Technical, natural Asset and Responsible risks across your supply chains, working with management to mitigate these risks.

These improvements are delivered without replacing existing systems and processes. We complement existing systems to ensure actionable insights are delivered quickly and followed by regular progress scorecards.

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