Industry Sectors

ESG challenges are universal and here to stay

The emerging challenges and constantly changing legislative demands around ESG are evident in all sectors. Our solution is sector agnostic and also highly configurable to cater for specific sector or industry demands and issues.

Combining People and Tech

The STAR solution provides an intuitive platform to easily enable your suppliers to submit data and documentation to provide demonstrable due diligence as well as helping to navigate ESG challenges in industry sectors.

Combining people and technology refers to the integration of human expertise, skills, and knowledge with advanced technology in order to achieve specific goals or solve problems. This can include things like automating repetitive tasks, utilizing data and also analytics to make better decisions, or using advanced communication tools to collaborate more effectively. The goal of combining people and technology is often to improve efficiency, productivity, and overall performance.

Our market-leading technology platform is complemented and further enhanced by our extensive global partner network. The Partner network brings together the best consultants as well as complementary tech to address specific industry challenges.

Our Partners have been instrumental in the development of technology solutions and guide our understanding of your sectors and requirements.

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