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Posted: 14 Nov 2022

Rewilding: stand back and let nature do its thing

Rewilding has become a popular venture for restoring the natural environment. It aims to restore large-scale ecosystems, reverse the loss of biodiversity and return things to where nature can take care of itself. Corporations have found it to be an attractive prospect for offsetting their carbon footprint, attracting some controversy and speculation. So is rewilding as much of a progressive move for the environment as it’s made out to be?

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Posted: 23 Nov 2022

Modern Slavery: Your Supply Chain’s Dirty Little Secret

In the years between 1662 and 1807, Great Britain purchased a reported 3,415,500 slaves from the African continent. Given the scale of London’s ports and trade activity, slavery was common practice in the UK economy during this time.

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Posted: 01 Nov 2022

A Thought Piece on Modern Slavery

Our Global FMCG Retail partner Lisa Domoney from AVD Consulting has written a thought provoking blog about a subject that is close to her heart – Modern Slavery.
Lisa evaluates the state of Modern Slavery progress and the reality of the Zimbabwe bonded labour schemes.

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Posted: 09 Nov 2022

How the WRAP initiative is transforming the food and drink industry

WRAP is a climate action NGO working around the globe to tackle the causes of the climate crisis and give the planet a sustainable future. They were established in the UK in 2000 and now work in 40+ countries.

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Posted: 17 May 2022

Behind the Barcode: Oxfam’s Fourth Supermarket Scorecard

Behind the Barcode: Oxfam’s Fourth Supermarket Scorecard was a campaign launched in 2018. The goal was to accurately score the major supermarket chains on how well they were addressing human rights in their supply chains.

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Posted: 17 May 2022

The Green Gap: the price of sustainable goods vs the rising cost of living

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Posted: 02 Feb 2022

When Accountability becomes Law: UK Government passes new legislation to protect the environment

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Posted: 13 Dec 2021

Princes Group are putting their money where their mouth is!

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