Responsible, Sustainable Buying - Are the days of buying based on price behind you?

Well no, not really. You are still expected to buy at the best price but also need to adopt responsible and sustainable buying parameters such as:

  • Sustainable supply chains and raw materials
  • Technically compliant supply partners
  • Natural Asset management with a duty of care for your raw material supplies
  • Responsible supply chains that uphold human rights
  • Supply chains which generate less CO2

Are you concerned that your teams are facing many challenges across Sustainability, Technical, natural Asset and Responsible sourcing risks in your supply chains?

  • Full and accurate mapping of your Supply Chain to identify levels of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity
  • Assessment of Carbon Reduction in your Supply Chain 
  • Sustainability risks within your supply chains that could impact your ability to continue to trade successfully.
  • Technical approval and risk management processes optimisation.
  • Your supply chain utilises natural Assets or resources that are finite, and the risks around availability.
  • A failure in your Responsible sourcing policies – such as a modern slavery scandal – could damage the value of your brands.
ESG Risk Management

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