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What can we tell you about us?

Well, STAR Index is the culmination of many years of supply chain experience, managing risk assessments and one really great idea. 

Since 2005 QADEX Group has been helping businesses to transform their supply chain management needs and risk assessments into something that adds value to their organisation. Our background is in industry, so our key drivers as a business are what was important to us then; intuitive software driven by subject matter expertise, system functionality that works, and great customer service.

For over 15 years we have worked with blue chip customers and their complex supply chains delivering robust supplier and raw material risk management platforms. Every year we add to our capabilities. In 2019, Rick Sanderson met Stephen Whyte and pitched the idea of STAR, a platform to manage the wider horizons of ESG challenges. Later that year STAR Index was launched.

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Meet the STAR Index Team

The STAR Index team has a wealth of experience in Supply Chain Management, Supplier Support and Risk Assessment. Each team member brings their skills to enhance and strengthen the STAR Index offering and supporting our Partners. 

Go to our Meet the Team page to find out more about us, who we are and what we do at STAR Index.