About SC Insites- STAR Index Partner - Sustainability in Food and Drink

Learn more about SC Insites – STAR Index Partner – Sustainability in Food and Drink.

Proud to be British, serving UK farms, UK retailers and all UK food businesses.

Supply Chain In-Sites [SCI] are committed to providing their customers with innovation and enhanced delivery for their supply chain management technical services and certification needs. If you are looking for new ideas you have come to the right place.

SCI want to help their customers today to be ready for the world tomorrow.

In Today’s World this means building a company by recruiting a team that share values, missions and customer focus so that they can consistently deliver for all customers that put their trust in them.

In the world tomorrow they believe that data and digital technology are going to transform supply chain management. As this starts to happen they want to work alongside their customers to enable them to thrive in the future.

They want to be the best provider of all supply chain technical services and certification from farm to fork.  They provide best-in-class, beyond expectation value services, and are committed to innovating to deliver ever more for every customer.

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