STAR Index and Intellync announce strategic partnership

STAR Index and Intellync announce strategic partnership creating a unique wrap around software solution addressing carbon emissions challenges combined with unrivalled supply chain & ESG risk mapping for the agri-food sector

The STAR Indexplatform enables businesses to manage supply chain risk with clarity and  confidence using data to develop actionable insight across the full scope of ESG challenges. The  new strategic partnership with Intellync combines STAR Index’s broad and holistic knowledge  with the deep specialist expertise of Intellync to address current net-zero and scope 3 challenges and embeds it within a seamless technical solution that assesses risk and facilitates  improvement across all the ESG issues agri-food businesses are facing. 

The combination of STAR Index and Intellync’s cloud hosted software solutions provides a single cockpit view of risk, uniformity of reporting and data capture, removing complexity and reducing  resource requirements, solving todays problem of carbon submission whilst also future proofing  agri-food businesses wider ESG challenges by assessing all areas of risk such as human rights,  slavery, biodiversity and animal welfare. 

Whilst the agri-food sector are, rightly, laser focussed on addressing their scope 3 commitments – taking a holistic approach means that businesses will benefit in the medium to long term by  utilising an embedded approach to ESG risk. In essence this approach future proofs the business and ensures they stay one step ahead of legislation, regulation and competition whilst genuinely  protecting the planet and people whilst responding to consumer demand. The partnership  creates a powerful combination of expertise to address today’s challenges as well as anticipating  future market demands.  

Rick Sanderson, Co-founder at STAR Index said “We are delighted to announce this partnership with Intellync – a well-established technology solution with a deep history in the agri food sector. 

Intellync’s technology very much complements the STAR Index to deliver a truly best in class solution for our customers. The partnership will be particularly valuable in the Agri-food space  where we both have a rich heritage and longstanding mutual customers.” 

“Intellync are pleased to enter this strategic partnership with Star Index. Pairing the two  businesses core capabilities, systems, and experience in the food-Agri sectors provides  customers with access to additional value add services to meet their wider ESG reporting needs” said Simon Phelps, Commercial Director at Intellync. 

The Partnership active immediately hopes to transform the approach of agri-food businesses  from having a very narrow focus on addressing scope 3 emissions to taking a holistic single  cockpit view of risk providing uniformity of data capture and reporting, and removing complexity, in order to future proof their business – acting today for a brighter tomorrow. 

For media enquiries please contact  

Jamie Jarczewski 

+ 44 (0)7772 630140 


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