Is Corporate PR a Hindrance in the Fight against Climate Change?

By STAR Index

On the 9th August 2021 the IPCC Climate Change Report delivered a knockout punch-style reality check to the ongoing discussion of climate change. Not one to pull its punches, the report clearly stated that without immediate, proactive steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a global warming target limit of 1.5°C or even 2°C would likely be impossible.

The message was clearly a call to action ahead of many net-zero carbon emission target dates that have been set in recent years. Take for instance the UK Government, which has pledged to be at net-zero by 2050.

It begs the question: are these targets realistically achievable in the time frame we’ve set ourselves?

Certain voices have spoken out at private sector businesses. Saying that not only will they miss their net-zero target dates but that they’re actually hindering their chances of moving the dial in the right direction in the battle against climate change.

On the face of things, their corporate PR machines are claiming they’ll hit their net-zero targets as early as 2040 or even 2030 in some cases. Such is the trend of late. However, many of their plans to meet these deadlines are based on unrealistic measures and solutions that as yet don’t exist. Plans such as planting trees, while very attractive, are showing little signs of materialising after the promise.

Much of this might possibly stem from businesses not being rigorously in step with the full impact of carbon emissions within their supply chains.

After all, it’s hard to address a problem you can’t quantifiably appreciate yet.

Corporate PR

Greenwashing and ambitious pledges can put businesses in good stead from a reputational standpoint in the short-term however, if there isn’t a conscious effort to make measurable steps for improvement behind the scenes, corporate PR could be planting the seeds for a major future disruption.

We already know that certain sectors like agriculture are already feeling the adverse impact of climate change on their businesses. This has reared its ugly head through:

  1. Climate-related disasters like facility damage and disruption to the workforce
  2. Rising insurance costs and/or a lack of insurance availability
  3. Scarcity of resources like energy, food and water as a result of environmental damages caused directly by the effects of climate change 
Corporate PR - STAR Index

Fight Climate Change and Deliver Corporate PR

One of the key principles here at Star Index is that we believe in taking a pragmatic approach to improving supply chains through a unique combination of market leading software and ESG consultancy from our consulting partners.

We believe positive change lies in measured and realistic steps based on a set of comprehensive data that gets results in line with net-zero targets.

For more information and to find out how STAR Index could help your business, Contact Us.

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