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Accountability for Risk Assessment

Accountability for risk assessment relies on visibility of the risks. In a supply chain, clarity and discernability are key.

How well do you know your suppliers, their products, and your supply chains?

Are you worried that your current inspection and due diligence regime is not providing adequate protection?

Would you benefit from a smarter, more cost effective way of mapping risk and demonstrating compliance?

Companies like yours are being expected to have a cockpit view of risk that gives you a wider horizon of risk management and mitigation. Historically there has been a singular focus on food safety and technical assurance, ensuring suppliers and their products deliver approved goods that are safe to eat. However the retailer and consumer now have an appetite to know more about their suppliers and products, nee demand it, and we know this is putting a strain on the existing landscape of assurance, and the traditional audit framework.

Recent research suggests 32% of food companies have no understanding of the origin of their goods. The FSA published data in 2018 demonstrating almost 60% of recalls were due to mislabelling, with half of that number due to out of date ingredients and data from a tier one supplier.

“Without Visibility there is no Accountability.”

Accountability means different risk assessment approach

Ask yourself these questions. Do I know who all my tier one suppliers are?

Where they are? What facilities they use to supply me?

Have I ever visited them?

How many indirect suppliers do I have?

What level of surveillance do my suppliers have over theirs?

Without Visibility there is no Accountability.

Moreover, the wider context is not just about knowing who and where your suppliers are. Are they producing goods in a sustainable way, procuring raw materials that do not compromise animal, planet or human rights? Are they committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, and proving this with their actions?

Do they have a policy on agriculture and the environment, driven as a way of doing business? Do they monitor their impact and set KPI’s to improve? Are NGO’s looking at you and your suppliers and demanding commitments and new levels of responsibility and stewardship?

Are your suppliers above £36m in turnover and required by law to produce a Modern Slavery Act statement? Is it compliant and are they doing enough to protect them and you? Over 25% of companies required to produce one have still not done so, and over 30% of food companies statements do not fit best practice – could these be your suppliers?

  • Do your suppliers test product for authenticity and integrity?
  • Is the true origin of your raw materials really known, and for all 52 weeks of the year?
  • How often do they review approved suppliers, and does it include any of the above concerns?
  • How often are we being asked to look for these leading indicators during our audits?

If they can’t answer any of these questions, I’m afraid you can’t either.

Introducing a new form risk assessment & due diligence from Gate to Plate Compliance

Gate to Plate Compliance in partnership with leading subject matter experts and providers has developed a new approach to modern risk management – The STAR Index.

We deliver a cockpit view of all your suppliers, tier one and beyond, with dashboards that map and monitor these wider horizons of risk

  • Desktop Assessments of you and your Tier 1 supply base across 4 core areas of risk
  • One Combined Audit or inspection to verify this data, based on pre-populated data
  • Supply Chain Transparency tools, free to use that allow you to look beneath the iceberg
  • Fully Managed Social Compliance Program that monitors and maintains compliance

We believe this is a smarter and more cost effective way of mapping risk and demonstrating compliance, using a blend of our own expertise and global reach, utilising modern technologies and practices to protect you and your business.

This need not cost any more than your current inspection and due diligence regime either, just makes it work smarter and not harder.

Sound of interest? I would be delighted to have a no obligation chat with you about what we have to offer, and introduce you to the Gate to Plate way of delivering true supply chain risk management.

Why not get in touch….Contact Us

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