QADEX are proud to support the launch of the RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS RECOVERY FORUM

Responsible Business Recovery Forum - A platform for progress & evolution in crisis
Responsible Business Recovery Forum

As a champion of sustainable and responsible sourcing we are proud to be part of the Responsible Business Recovery Forum.

The RBRF is made up of like minded leaders of foodservice operators, brands and suppliers whose objective is to share ideas and expertise to help emerge from the pandemic with a strong, industrywide, recovery plan.

“QADEX as a business and I personally, are aligned with the mission of the RBRF. COVID 19 has had a huge impact across all walks of life and as we begin to emerge into the post COVID era, the new normal must embrace more responsible and ultimately more sustainable business and business practices”

Stephen Whyte – QADEX MD

Focus on responsible and sustainable sourcing practices

Research by Sky News found that 33% felt that the environment was the biggest issue as we exit the pandemic. It is imperative that we maintain the momentum of all the good work done already by the industry.

This community of progressive thought leaders are passionate to ensure the focus remains on responsible practices in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As the industry navigates its way to the “new normal” it is vital to ensure responsible practices through the entire supply chain and the RBRF are inviting the industry’s most progressive operators, brands and suppliers to be part of this exclusive group.  

We are proud to be part of this progressive movement and by raising awareness of it we hope to see more join.

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