ESG Risk Management through STAR Index

Management of Supply Chain Risk through STAR Index delivers actionable insight across the wider risks within your supply chains, with an overview of representation, policies, activity and engagement across Sustainable, Technical, Assets & Environment, and Responsible Sourcing.

Delivered by the QADEX Group, with our proven track record in complex supply chain risk management, our intuitive, secure and supported platform engages your business and supply chain partners to deliver demonstrable improvements, therefore allowing you to map, manage and mitigate risks across any sector.

Capture, Measure, Report and Improve with STAR Index

STAR Index ™ is the leading platform to fully manage:
  • Measuring and scoring ESG risks across your own business and your supply networks
  • Delivering Transparency in Supply Chains
  • Upholding of Codes of Practice & Policies
  • Engaging with supply chain partners to deliver continuous improvement
  • Monitoring delivery of commitments and progress
  • Reporting and benchmarking year on year KPI’s with powerful dashboards
  • Reporting of ESG risks at organisational and product level
ESG Risk Management

STAR Index ™ is your one stop solution to manage and deliver a more sustainable and lower risk supply chain.

The platform allows you to rely on our own expert templates to gather key data and insight, customise thresholds and RAG-ratings, and report on current and future state scenarios to plan and defend your commitments.

If you need subject matter expertise to act upon areas of exposure, our consultancy partners can support you and your suppliers with knowledge and capacity building, and they are instrumental in keeping our assessments current and relevant.

Starting from just £150 per assessment per annum, we offer a comprehensive and cost effective solution to start your journey towards a more responsible and transparent supply chain.

Without Visibility there is no Accountability.

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Enable your customers to deliver measurable, reportable improvements in supply chain ESG performance

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